Summer Doubles 2009 Qualifiers

Group 1

First – Troublemakers (Portsmouth)

(Sherrie Swadling, Peter Morgan)

Second – Saltire Strikers 1 (Glasgow)

(Catherine Leckie, Collette Vassie, Helen Conway)

Third – Saltire Strikers 4 (Glasgow)

(Robert Mooney Snr.,William Barker)

Group 2

First – Over The Rainbow (Bristol)

(Mark Austen, John Anstey, Marie Langford)

Second – Saltire Strikers 2 (Glasgow)

(Jim McQueen, Philip Matthews)

Group 3

First – Three Strikes And Out (Liverpool)

(Claude Hoey, John Hoey, David Shelton)

Second – Just The Two Of Us (Newcastle)

(Mina Gillespie, Kenneth Robson)

Group 4

First – The Dim Wits (Galloways Morecambe)

(Derek McGee, Irene Kimpton, Marie Nicklin)

Second – Lucasaid (Denbigh)

(Mike Free, Sue Smith)

Group 5

First – Chorley Cakes (Galloways Preston)

(David Rabbich, Steve Cross)

Second – Pinsplitters (Portsmouth)

(James Morgan, John Taylor, Malcolm Cripps)