The Independent Tenpin Bowling League was formed in March 2005. The original organisers were Kenneth Robson, Mina Gillespie, Bob Davis and Norman Greenhalgh. Kenneth became the acting Chairperson, Mina the League Treasurer, Bob and Norman the independent scorers.
The League was formed by part of the original British Blind Sport Tenpin Committee after the said committee had been dissolved.
To protect the new league, the acting committee decided to make the new league “By Invitation Only”.

The plan was to develop the league by improving or varying the format so that it would be more interesting and friendly for the members. There would be no membership fees just an entrance fee per team for each seasonal league.
The first season was a Summer Doubles League with an entrance fee of £5 per team. A Singles Knockout was introduced in the first season and a Team Knockout was introduced in the second season as free competitions.
There were insufficient funds to hold a finals tournament for the Summer Doubles League 2005, so it was decided to hold regional tournaments after the end of that season. These were held in Portsmouth, Liverpool and Skegness.

The committee co-opted 3 temporary members onto the committee to help with organising funds and “Have A Go” days. Enough funds were raised to cover the costs of 2 finals during the following 12 months
The second season was the Winter Trios League 2005/6 with an entrance fee of £10 per team. This format was carried on until after the Winter Trios 2007/8 Finals when it was agreed by the members that the entry fees should be increased to £10 per team for the Summer Doubles and £20 per team for the Winter Trios. These increases were to take effect from the commencement of the Winter Trios 2008/9.

An application was made in August 2008 to become a registered charity and the I.T.B.L. changed it’s name to N.B.T.B.A. (National Blind Tenpin Bowling Association) on the 5th August 2008.