WINTER TRIOS 2021/2022

Match 1     –  18.09.2021  to  01.10.2021

Match 2    –   02.10.2021  to  15.10.2021

Match 3    –   16.10.2021  to  29.10.2021

Match 4    –   30.10.2021  to  12.11.2021

Match 5    –   13.11.2021  to  26.11.2021

Match 6    –   27.11.2021  to  10.12.2021

Match 7    –   08.01.2022  to  21.01.2022

Match 8    –   22.01.2022  to  04.02.2022

Match 9    –   05.02.2022  to  18.02.2022

Match 10   –   19.02.2022  to  04.03.2022

Match 11   –   05.03.2022  to  18.03.2022

FINALS   –  30th APRIL 2022 at WIGAN










Issue No. 26 – OCTOBER 2021

Please read these rules very carefully and instruct all team members on them. Failure to comply with any rule may affect the match result.



The National Blind Tenpin Bowling Association League have sole right to either accept or reject any person, team or club.

1  a)       All bowlers must be registered blind or partially sighted, or eligible to be registered and must be over 17 years old.

1 b)   New players may be registered at any time during the league season. Players must be registered with the League before playing their first match.

1  c)     Any player not complying with 1 a) ,1 b) above will have their scores  removed from the records, and results adjusted accordingly.

1  d)     A club may enter any number of teams in a league.

1 e)    In the event of a dispute, the scorer’s decision will be final, unless, in   very special circumstances, the committee may take action.

1 f)  Under no circumstances will the scorers give the results of matches to anyone, including committee members, prior to the end of a playing period except to advise of a team reaching a final when delay would be detrimental. Results will not be issued until both scorers agree the results. Results will be sent to all club contacts by e-mail at the same time and posted on the website.



2 a) Teams will be made up of two players in the Summer Doubles and three in the Winter Trios. Summer Doubles Teams will be allowed up to 2 reserves and Winter Trios up to 3 reserves.

2  b)   The first two names(doubles) or three names (trios) in each game on the official scoresheet will be deemed the players for that match.

2 c)   In the event that a team cannot play a full complement of members, a scratch score of 160 will be substituted for the missing member. At least one member must be present to constitute a team.

2  d)   A player may only compete for one team during a league season. Once a player has bowled in a league match for one team, that player cannot bowl for any other team or club during that season.

2 e)  Reserve bowlers scores must also be submitted for future handicap calculations should they be required for finals. Reserve scores not sent in to the scorers cannot be counted at a later date.

The Club Contact must be in attendance at all match games.

2  f)    A minimum of 3 sets of match games (i.e. 6 games played in 3 matches as a representative team bowler – not as a reserve) must be recorded and submitted throughout the season for a bowler to be eligible for the Finals. No games played as a reserve will be taken into consideration.

Reserves games must be played on the same day, at the same time as the representative team for that match period. A team must not play a league match unless a club contact is present.



3)  a)    Teams must play during the fixed match period dates.

3  b)    The date, time and place of a match must be notified to the scorers at least 48 hours before playing.

3  c)   Any changes to the date, time and place of playing must be notified to the scorers at least 24 hours before the previously submitted time of playing.

3 d)    The scorers will have the discretion to vary dates etc. in the event of an emergency. It is the scorers who decide that an occurrence is an emergency, and any team that believes it has a case for emergency cancellation of a match must inform the scorers immediately.

3 e)      Two matches will be permitted to be played in advance (in the immediately previous playing period), but not withstanding the last two matches of the season being played together, or in quick succession, at the request of the committee. The scorers may allow more matches per season to be played early in exceptional circumstances. Holidays are not classed as exceptional circumstances. No matches can be played after the end of a playing period except when the scorers have agreed to the cancellation of a match.

3 f)    Two matches may be played on the same day but must be on different lanes.

3  g)    A match will consist of two games. If a team wishes to have a practice game prior to the match, it must be played on a different lane and recorded as such.

3  h)    Lane glancers / bumpers are compulsory in all matches. Guide rails are permitted.  Ball Guide Ramps are not allowed in league matches or Finals. Foul lights should be on for health and safety reasons.

3  i)    The scorers will make random checks of matches and scores.

3  j)    If a team for any reason does not complete at least 75% of its fixtures, all previous results will be void. If a team does complete more than 75% of the matches but fails to complete their remaining matches, then all teams must still play the remaining matches and the team score must be at least 90% of their average score to secure the points.

3 k)   “Ghost teams” will only be included where there is an odd number

of teams in the group. Teams must play against the “ghost team” and score 90% of the team’s average to secure the points.

3 l)   Any team or individual not complying with any rules might have their scores rejected, points deducted, be suspended from the league and / or be banned from future competitions.



Scores and score sheets


4) a)  Handicaps will be based on 100% of the difference between average and 190 with a maximum handicap of 105.

4  b)   Individual starting handicaps will be calculated from the previous playing season between match 4 and the penultimate match of the season. Reserve games may be taken into consideration.

If a bowler has previously bowled but not for more than 12 months and less than 3 years, their starting handicap will be calculated on their last 5 matches played (10 games). New bowlers handicaps will be calculated after the first three matches of the current season and then adjusted after each match for that season.  This means that no results will be known or sent out until after match 3.

4 c)   Handicaps during the playing season will only be calculated on match scores and not when bowling as a reserve.

4 d)    No results will be sent immediately after the penultimate match of the season but will be sent together with the final results.

4 e)      All score sheets must be consecutive and not separated.

4 f)      No alterations will be accepted unless signed by a member of the bowl staff.

4 g)  A complete set of dated score sheets must be sent to all scorers. These should be in the form of a printout from the bowling alley signed and dated a member of staff from the bowling alley or a photograph of the bowling score screen. If hand written scoresheets are submitted they must be supported by photographs of the bowling score screen. All score sheets must be received by scorers within 4 days of the match being played.

If there are any problems with this, the scorers must be informed by phone or e-mail immediately, and the score sheets still submitted.

4  h)  In the event of a printer failure or other problem, the scorers must be contacted immediately. If the score sheets cannot be printed, a staff member of the bowling centre must write out each individual bowler’s game score and then must date and sign all the sheets.

Note: Some bowling centres can recall scores after the match has been played. If the fault can be rectified within this time the bowl manager should be asked to send the score sheets to the club contact or the scorers.

4  i)  Failure to comply with any of the above may result in scores being rejected.





5  a)    The qualifying teams will be the top teams in each group. Depending on the number of groups in the league, the 14 qualifiers will be decided as follows :-

3 groups – top 4 teams will qualify plus the best 2 teams in 5th place.

4 groups – top 3 teams will qualify plus the best 2 teams in 4th place.

5 groups – top 2 teams will qualify plus the best 4 teams in 3rd place.

6 groups – top 2 teams will qualify plus the best 2 teams in 3rd place.

7 groups –  top 2 teams in each group qualify.

If there are more than two teams with the highest points it will then be decided on pinfall.

In the event of any qualifying team not being able to attend the finals the following will apply:-

The following teams will be placed on standby

3 Groups  –  Remaining team in 5th place and all in 6th place

4 Groups  –  Remainder of teams in 4th place

5 Groups  –  Remaining team in 3rd place 

6 Groups  –  All remaining teams in 3rd place

7 Groups  –  Top team in 3rd place

The selection process will not continue beyond the above listing

Important Note

All teams on standby will be notified at the same time as those that have qualified and will be informed as soon as possible if they are to replace, or not, a team who has turned down the opportunity to play in the Finals.

Once all qualified teams &/or standby teams have been processed no other teams will be contacted for the Finals.

5  b)   A dress code will be required at finals. Torn jeans and halter type tops are not permitted. Tailored / knee length shorts, trousers, slacks or respectable dresses / skirts (for ladies) can be worn with a bowling type shirt or blouse.

5 c)  In finals, all teams must have a full complement of players. 2 bowlers (doubles) and 3 bowlers (trios) plus 1 reserve will be allowed to bowl in finals. Team captains MUST notify the scorers of the team players BEFORE each game. Teams failing to notify the scorers of the team prior to the game will be disqualified for that game and will be given a zero score.

5 d)    In finals play, handicaps will remain static throughout all matches.

5 e)   All teams are to be responsible for their own equipment, which includes all personal effects, bowling balls, bowling aids and guide rails.

Bowling aids and guide rails can only be used if approved, in advance, by the Scorers and Bowling Alley.

The teams are also responsible for providing their own helpers or pin spotters, who must be fully conversant with “Bowling Etiquette”.



COMMITTEE (2018 – 2019)

SCORER                                                            SCORER

JOHN TAYLOR                                        KEN RICHARDS

1 ELSTEAD GROVE                                 21 PARK AVENUE

GARSWOOD                                              SHEVINGTON

WIGAN                                                        WIGAN

WN4 0RJ                                                     WN6 8AQ

01942 713641                                            01257 422109

07796 443373                                            07711 341760

e-mail                                                        e-mail



CHAIR                               JOHN HOEY               0151 201 1228



LEAGUE SECRETARY     CHLOE HOEY       0151 201 1228


TREASURER                    NORMAN GREENHALGH 0151 639 6869



EVENTS ORGANISERS    N. & P. GREENHALGH     0151 639 6869



FUNDRAISER                   PAULINE GREENHALGH 0151 639 6869