Summer Doubles 2005

Group 1

Winners – Who Hell (Grimsby)
(Colin Hay/ Philip Holt)
Runners Up – Pab Fab (Portsmouth)
(Karl Swadling/Sean Swadling)
Group 2
Winners – The Pirates (Bristol)
(David Le Poidevin/Lorna Daniels)
Runners Up – Shrimps (Morecambe)
(Irene Kimpton/Kathleen Pattison)
Group 3
Winners – Morecambe & Wise (Morecambe)
(Tony Kimpton/Derek McGee)
Runners Up – The Cabots (Bristol)
(Tim Powell/Betty Rogers/Brian Fisher)
Group 4
Winners – Kermits Kolony (Llandudno)
(Peter Brown/Mark Jones/A.N.Other)
Runners Up – M.G.M. (Glasgow)
(Frances McGuire/Robert Mooney Snr/Ann McGirk)
Group 5
Winners – We’ll Decide Later (Glasgow)
(Philip Matthews/Catherine Leckie)
Runners Up – Team With No Name (Liverpool)
(John Hoey/Claude Scanlan/Mo Williams)

Winner – Mina Gillespie (Newcastle)
Runner Up – Kathleen Pattison (Morecambe)