Qualifiers for Summer Doubles 2012 Finals

Group 1

Blondies (Morecambe) – Marie Nicklin, Irene Kimpton, Eric Dysart, Kathleen Pattison

Dynamic Duo (Portsmouth) – Lyndy Lonsdale, Doug Parrott

Group 2

Just Them (Liverpool) – Anthony Turnham, John Hoey, Kevin O’Brien

The Misfits (Taunton) – Heidi Linegar, Christine Linegar, Steven Aughton

Group 3

Stargazers (Portsmouth) – Pauline Daniels, louisa Doyle, Paul Oakley-Cleife

The Young Ones (Morecambe) – Richard Scott, Hannah Thornton, David Harris

Group 4

Chorley Cakes (Preston) – David Rabbich, Steve Illidge, David Waring

Lady Strikers (Bristol) – Betty Rogers, Joy Rogers

Group 5

Stockport 1 (Stockport) – Ann McGreevy, Mark Fleming, Sue Clare

Meteors (Gloucester) – Paul Farmer, Derek Bishop, Jeff Llewelyn

Best Placed in 3rd Place

Saltire Strikers 2 (Glasgow) from Group 5 – Philip Matthews, Cheryl Bradshaw

Footmarks (Lewisham) from Group 3- Farzana Mahmood, Keith Spink

Footmarks were unavailable and were replaced by North Stars (Newcastle)

John Mitchell, Kenneth Robson