Winter Trios 2016 2017 Qualifiers

Winter Trios 2016/2017 Qualifiers

Group 1

Kursaal Flyers 1 (Southend)

Bats Angels (Swindon)

Footmarks (D.C. United)

The Scousettes (Liverpool)

Group 2

Gladiators (Gloucester)

Harrington Flyers (Sunderland)

Kursaal Flyers 2 (Southend)

Team Strike Force (Swindon)

Group 3

Grimsby United (Cleethorpes)

P.N.E. (Preston)

Pin Doctors (Slough)

Saltire Strikers 3 (Glasgow)

Grimsby United were unable to attend so they were replaced by Meteors (Gloucester)